We have an on prem farm where we pre-provisioned 18,000 mysites. One of our user’s Newsfeed is stuck on “We’re almost ready.” I can see his Mysite, so the issue is specifically with his Newsfeed. I’ve confirmed his Personal Site Capabilities are set to 14.I’m wondering if the best approach to this problem would be to delete his MySite and let the user start again. Has anyone used this approach? Can I get some confirmation from Microsoft that this is a sanctioned action?


According to your post, my understanding is that you got stuck on “We’re almost ready” in Newsfeed.

You can check the Site Naming Format setting.

Did the Site Naming Format setting set to “User Name (do not resolve conflict)” ?

You can change it to “User name (resolve conflicts by using domain_username)” using below steps, then check whether it works.

SharePoint Central Admin >> Application Management >> Manage Service Application >> User Profile Service Application >> Set up my Site >> Site Naming Format >> Change the setting to “User name (resolve conflicts by using domain_username)”

For more  information: http://www.msprojectnow.com/Knowledge/Blog/tabid/142/entryid/609/My-Sites-We-re-almost-Ready.aspx

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